Build solidarity with Catalonia

On 1 October, while millions of Catalans were voting on our self determination, the Spanish government sent thousands of paramilitary police to brutally attack us. The violence against the people and, in contrast, the democratic firmness of the hundreds of thousands of people who peacefully defended their polling stations, illustrate this conflict perfectly.

World civil society must denounce the repression and support the right to decide of the people of Catalonia.

We call on different individuals and organisations to act, creating solidarity movements with the democratic rights of Catalonia and against repression. The struggle of the Catalan people shows that our strength lies in popular participation.

Map of solidarity with Catalonia


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14-15 April: Map of actions to defend democracy and human rights in Catalonia

Protests in support of democracy and human rights in Catalonia, and for the freeing of the political prisoners, in response to this call to action:   Add or correct actions with this form Embed this map in your web or blog with this code: <iframe src=”” width=”800″ height=”600″></iframe>