Solidarity with Catalan teachers accused by Spanish paramilitary police – #9delPalau

Dear friends

This is another request for solidarity with Catalonia. Nine teachers at El Palau public high school in Sant Andreu de la Barca, have been denounced by Guardia Civil – the Spanish paramilitary police – for alleged hate crimes and are awaiting a criminal trial. They participated in the Education Workshop at the WithCatalonia event in December. All the information is in their attached statement.

The latest news is that the judge has decided not to act against five of the nine teachers, but the prosecutor is appealing against this decision.

The assembly of workers in the high school are asking for:

  • Statements in solidarity (you can use the standard text below or write your own)
  • Take a picture with a handmade poster reading “I am also a teacher from El Palau”, and tweet it, tagging us at @9delPalau.

Please e-mail both to the teachers’ assembly at:

Download the teachers’ declaration.

Draft solidarity statement

The organisation ……………………………….,

Calls for:

  • Solidarity with the teachers of El Palau who are being prosecuted
  • Rejection of the judicialisation of educational issues.
  • An end to pressurising or criminalisation of teachers.
  • Educational and political institutions must protect their teaching staff.
  • No more attacks on the Catalan public education system!

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