“The independence movement is just a bourgeois thing”


80% of the Catalan population— and thus a large proportion of the working people of Catalonia — defend the right to decide in a referendum.

This 80% includes people who want to maintain the status quo and others who want a federal relationship with Spain, but most of them support independence.

The individuals and groups who are in favour of independence are socially very diverse. They include farmers, firefighters, dockers, teachers and many other sectors. These people have demonstrated their support for independence through massive demonstrations and, above all, with their votes.

In contrast, Catalan big business feels comfortable within the Spanish state. The main bosses’ organisations in Catalonia — such as Foment del Treball or the Cercle d’Economia — reject independence and even opposed the referendum. Foment del Treball called the referendum law a “legal coup d’etat”.

Because of this attitude, two thousand companies took advantage of the special measures introduced by the right wing People’s Party (PP) to encourage them to transfer their official headquarters outside of Catalonia, to escape “the threat” of independence. (Needless to say, the PP, with its defence of a united Spain, does represent the Spanish bourgeoisie.)


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