“Every nationalist movement is right wing and racist by nature”

The struggle for the national rights of Catalonia has very clearly gone hand in hand with the promotion of social and environmental justice. The Catalan Parliament, with a pro independence majority, has approved a whole series of progressive laws… that have been struck down by the Spanish State. Much of the Catalan pro sovereignty movement has also taken a firm stand against racism and in favour of welcoming refugees. An example of that was its contribution to the 300,000 strong demonstration for refugees on 18 February 2017.

It is too simplistic to call the Catalan movement “nationalist”. It would be more correct to speak of a pro-independence movement, or better still, a movement for the democratic right to decide.

We should also point out that not all “nationalisms” are the same. Some nationalisms want to impose an oppressive and/or imperialist state; others struggle against these states and show solidarity with other pro sovereignty movements around the world. A state nationalism, like that practiced by the Spanish government, is not the same as the national feeling that is an important factor for many people in the Catalan movement for self-determination.

In no way can Catalonia’s desire for self-determination be defined as right wing or racist.


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