“They should have agreed a referendum with the Spanish government”

There is a long list of attempts to agree a referendum with the Spanish government. It is estimated that since 2012 this government has rejected 18 proposals for dialogue. The attempts to negotiate have come not only from most of the Catalan parties but also from Basque and Galician parties.

On 8 April 2014, three representatives of Catalonia — Jordi Turull of Convergència, Marta Rovira of ERC and Joan Herrera of ICV— jointly requested, in a special session at the Spanish Congress, the right to call referendums, making use of article 150.2 of the Constitution. Rajoy’s government refused, as always.

More than two-thirds of the seats in the Spanish Congress are held by parties that completely reject the right to decide. Therefore, those who say they would accept a referendum if it was agreed with Madrid are actually being quite cynical. Rather than being a real attempt to achieve the right to decide, this attitude is more an excuse that avoids facing up to the reality of a veto on the part of the Spanish government and the parties that support it.


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