“We need less borders, not more”

The Catalan struggle really has more to do with overcoming borders than with creating them. In contrast, the brutal state repression against the pro sovereignty movement has the objective of maintaining the current Spanish borders, with Catalonia inside them.

Internationalism has always been strong in Catalonia, at least since the rise of syndicalism over a century ago. Following the Seattle protests, in the early 2000s, Catalonia was a reference point for the global justice movement, misnamed “anti-globalisation movement”. In 2003, Catalonia was a key part of the mass worldwide movement against the illegal Iraq war, waged by José María Aznar’s government, among others.

Today, one reason for wanting to break with the Spanish State is the wish to open the borders to the refugees that the Spanish government has refused to accept… thus failing to comply with international law, humanitarian principles and also its own commitments.

It’s the defenders of the status quo that want to strengthen the borders between people, and they do so with hypocritical arguments. It seems that the only border that bothers them is that of a future Catalan republic. It doesn’t even cross their minds to remove the razor-wire fences from the current borders of the Spanish State, much less to eliminate these borders completely.


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