“Why do they want independence? It doesn’t mean much in today’s globalised world”

With all their limitations, national states still have some ability to influence things. It’s obvious that the enemies of independence don’t want to lose even a part of the Spanish State and still less would they accept its disappearance. Why is that, if states are no longer important?

Despite the devolution of some responsibilities to the autonomous communities, many things are still directly controlled by Madrid. For all the talk about globalisation it’s the central government that decides where to invest in infrastructure and in many other fields. And it does so from a centralist viewpoint, not taking into account the needs of people in the different territories. In one very clear example, the residents of Murcia have been holding daily protests for more than six months demanding that the new high speed train line through the middle of their city goes through an underground tunnel, as in many other cities, instead of being at ground level, thus cutting it in two.

The right to decide includes decisions about people’s own economic and social life.

In any case, everyone is free to theorise about nation states and globalisation, but the decision on the independence of Catalonia must be made by its inhabitants, not a few theoreticians.


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