“The struggle for independence provokes the rise of fascism”

This argument is false and dangerous. Fascism and authoritarianism are growing across Europe and the world, with a strong institutional and electoral presence in many countries. Obviously this is due to diverse factors that have nothing to do with Catalan independence.

However, fascist groups feel emboldened by the anti-Catalanism promoted by the central government and the establishment right wing. The reason is not the struggle for the right to decide, but the long and concerted campaign of insults and accusations against Catalan society (see above, “Catalans don’t want to help poorer areas”, etc.). The Spanish government uses Catalonia’s demands as a smoke screen to cover up cuts in social services, their own mismanagement and widespread corruption.

Thanks to this propaganda, the repressive state measures against the exercise of the right to decide have not inspired large solidarity protests throughout the Spanish State. The impunity of police actions on September 20 and especially on October 1 gave confidence to the pro Spanish far-right. And the impunity given by the authorities to the first far-right aggressions acted as a green light for them to intensify their violence.

There will need to be a strong and united struggle to stop fascism. This must bring together the convinced pro independence sectors and the large democratic majority of those who are unionist or constitutionalist.

It is precisely the right wing lies and distortions against the pro sovereignty movement — as well as against other social and political movements — that give oxygen to fascism.


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