“If you become independent, you will end up outside Europe”

Catalonia has strong external relations, both with Europe and with the whole of the Mediterranean region. This will not change, whatever the institutional situation of the country. People from abroad who want things from Catalonia — industrial products; food and drink; culture… — will continue to want them, and vice versa.

Concerning the European Union (EU), it remains to be seen what happens. Some people will want an independent Catalonia to be part of the EU. Others have always been much more critical towards that institution (remember that on 16 March 2002, half a million people demonstrated in Barcelona against “the Europe of capital and war”).

The EU’s anti-democratic imposition of austerity on Greece and other countries, and now the fact that they have supported the Spanish government in its repression and attacks on the democratic rights of Catalonia, reinforce this critical attitude. People know that Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are not inside the EU and they aren’t doing so badly.

In any case, we must see what the people of Catalonia want and what the European states — not only the Spanish state — want when we go from the current hypotheses to the reality of 7.5 million people in the middle of Europe that want to maintain solid and respectful economic and social relationships with the rest of the continent.


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