“Catalonia is already an autonomous region: isn’t that enough?”

The current system of autonomous communities was created in the aftermath of the Franco regime, when the generals were still threatening to bring back the dictatorship. The existing structure was designed to limit the capacity of self-government of Catalonia and the other stateless nations.

What has happened since then has confirmed these limitations, with the application of article 155 — the suspension of Catalonia’s self government— as the cherry on the cake. Now it is undeniable that the current system limits the capacity of the Catalan people to live as they want; both in the national aspect and with regard to social rights. That is why support for independence has grown.

In addition, as has already been said, one can comment on all these questions but in the last instance each nation must be able to decide its own future. If the majority of the population of Catalonia wants independence, no-one has the right to force it to remain within the autonomous structure; a structure, in any case, that the Spanish right wing wants to change to further limit the powers of the different nations that currently make up the Spanish State.


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