International Meeting 2017

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Solidarity #withCatalonia!
Come to the international meeting!

On Saturday, 11 November, 750,000 people took part in a massive protest for democracy and against repression in Barcelona, Catalonia.

This demonstration was one of our responses to a series of authoritarian actions by the Spanish state.

Over several years, they overturned dozens of progressive laws approved by the Catalan Parliament. They tried to stop the October 1st referendum with court orders, police raids and finally brutal violence. In recent weeks they have raided Catalan government offices, closed down 200 web sites, imprisoned the leaders of the two main independence movements, and finally they have imprisoned the whole Catalan government, except the ministers that went into exile in Brussels.

Sadly, the other states around the world haven’t spoken out against these attacks on democracy.

That is why we call on you to mobilise, in the different towns and cities of the world, in solidarity with Catalonia. Let’s be clear; this is solidarity, not charity. If we lose, you will also lose. But the victory of democracy and justice in Catalonia will be a victory for everyone.

In order to strengthen international solidarity, and to share experiences, we are holding an international meeting “Building the republic”, in Barcelona on 16 and 17 December.

There will be working groups on different aspects of solidarity, a public meeting, social events (most of the activities will be on the Saturday 16D). We will organise lodging in the houses of CDR activists.

The Popular Meeting of Solidarity with Catalonia «Let’s build the Republic» has as its main goal to articulate and to strengthen the links of solidarity with Catalonia, that has to confront the repression and violation of its democratic rights perpetrated by the Spanish State because of the will of the Catalan people to exercise their right to choose. These awareness days are clearly differentiated in two parts. In the first part, which takes place on Saturday afternoon, attention is focused on the debate about the attacks to democracy that Catalonia has lived, which are shared, in many instances, by other people within the Spanish State, in the Mediterranean and in Europe. In the second part, which takes place on Sunday morning, working groups to articulate, organize and strengthen the solidarity of other peoples with Catalonia will be created.

The organizers of these awareness days will guarantee accommodation in public spaces and/or in the private homes of those members of the CDRs (Committees for the Defence of the Republic) born in the different quarters and  towns in Catalonia. These committees were created for the defence of the Referendum, and today they work to defend the Catalan Republic. The organizers of the popular meeting shall contact you to let you know where you will be accommodated.

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