Catalan countries

Agreements of the working group/assembly of the Catalan Countries within the With Catalonia international meeting

Sunday, 17 December, 10.30 am.

Activists from solidarity movements in País Valencià, Mallorca, Menorca and Catalunya Nord attend.  There are also representatives of the different ideological strands of pro sovereignty social movements. Notably, there are people from the Plataforma pel dret a decidir del País Valencià (Platform for the right to decide of the Valencian Country), from Menorca per la Democràcia (Menorca for Democracy), from the Mallorcan CDRs, and from Intersindical Valenciana-STEPV (Valencian STEPV Inter-Union).  Thus the whole range of sensitivities is covered. First of all, and most important, an overview is made of the kind of initiatives present in each territory.


A very lively debate arises with a broad common denominator: the necessity to build a solidarity movement with the Catalan Republic and the people’s movement in Catalonia as such from the reality of each one of these territories. There is discussion of the need to give more content to concepts such as «Republic», «Democracy» and «Sovereignty». There is consensus that we must go beyond the traditional pro independence sectors and reach newly empowered social sectors.

We need to build the links between the Catalan countries, putting at the centre of the argument the connection between the social and national issues, and the work focussed on the specific reality of each of the territories.

Content / Proposals

The problem is noted of a certain lack of connection between the different territories and initiatives. The proposal is for those attending to maintain coordination and to plan joint actions in the future. The key issue is the possibility of a Meeting of organisations, platforms and social movements of the Catalan countries in solidarity with Catalonia and this becomes the centre of the debate. Also the concerns about the spiral of repression and the attempts at devaluating the fraternal links between the solidarity movements in the different territories.

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