Peoples of the Spanish State

Notes of the work group on solidarity from the peoples of the Spanish State, within the With Catalonia international meeting

Sunday 17 December, 10.30 am.

1. Coordination mechanisms

  • Permanent contact through e-mail so as to facilitate coordination and network.
  • To organise visits from Catalunya to the territories in order to spread knowledge about the political situation and the structures created of people’s organisation and struggle.
  • To organise a second people’s meeting of solidarity with Catalonia.

2. Content:

  • To promote a campaign for the freedom of the political prisoners, against 155 and the rest of the repressive measures taken by the State (fines, arrests…).
  • To underline the social character of the Catalan Republic.
  • To build peoples’ sovereignty with the inclusion of women and diversity so as not to reproduce existing patterns of power.

3. Actions

To promote a day/week of struggle across the Spanish state and to work with a calendar of mobilisations established from the different territories. Some important dates are already noted:

  • March 2018  Marchas por la Dignidad (Demonstrations for Dignity)
  • 18 March 2018: the results are published of the consultations on independence organised by councils in the Basque country.

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