Vive 1er Octobre!

A year ago, on 1 October 2017, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in Catalonia mobilised to make possible the referendum on the future of their country. Despite terrible police repression —which left over a thousand people injured and seized hundreds of ballot boxes— over two million people voted, the vast majority in favour of independence.

A year later, there are nine political prisoners, others are in exile and hundreds of people are under investigation. The Spanish government still refuses to respect the democratically expressed wishes of the Catalan people.

Even so, the referendum was a massive example of people’s power, of peaceful civic organisation.

For this anniversary of 1 October, the international solidarity network WithCatalonia calls on you to take a photo with this poster, to condemn the repression and to demand respect for people’s democratic decisions.

Ideally, organise to take a joint photo in some symbolic location in your town or city and publicise the place and time; send us information to and we will help to publicise it.

Please post photos and other information on social networks with the hashtag #Viva1Oct; long live the sprit of 1 October!

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  1. JEAN PIERRE - 24/09/2018 Répondre

    visca el poble català visca la llengua y la cultura catalana visca la nacio catalana visca la lluita de tots els pobles oprimits !

    joan Peire ( d’ OCCITANIA )

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