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Company employee handbook template. Your employee guide will play a vital role in maintaining the peace and calmness in consult your own employees. When you start to employ new employees you need to also get an employee handbook prepared to issue during indoctrination. The handbook doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but to begin using it should cover the basic policies and regulations, as well as to be in compliance with State and Federal labor laws. Businesses function efficiently when, all of criteria and policies have been understood by your employees, and that there’s absolutely no ambiguity. When the handbook has been released, there can be no similarity by the business owner or manager, which each policy needs to be applied consistently to all employees within the company organization.

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The Employee Handbook is also an essential resource for all workers, not just fresh arrivals. Employees facing an unplanned departure of absence have to be conscious of their business policy on unpaid personal leave along with the federal and state guidelines for the family and medical leaves of absence. Without careful inspection, employees might be unaware of precious benefits currently available to them may overlook a significant coverage on personal cell phone or computer use that affects their daily pursuits.

Managers and managers look to their company’s Employee Handbook for guidelines on management and employee behavior. Clearly written guidelines and performance guidelines make the tasks of managers and managers a bit easier by articulating appropriate and inappropriate behavior. The progressive discipline process should be clearly summarized in the Employee Handbook, allowing both managers and employees to comprehend the stages of discipline. A well-defined field policy removes the gray regions for both employees and managers and ensures equity and consistency for the two parties.

A well thought out Employee Handbook also functions as a source of history and communicates the organization’s mission statement, values and culture. Many businesses use their Handbook to communicate not only the expectations that they have of their workers, but also what their employees can expect of these – namely ethical business practices with fair treatment for employees.

Assuming a Handbook includes all of the necessary legal updates can also be crucial. In our ever changing real world globe, supervisors and employees can get lost in the sea of legalese. Clear, structured policies which provide up-to-date advice about protections for employees and the employer, like a Family Medical Leave of Absence policy (FMLA), a Harassment Policy, along with an Immigration Law Compliance Statement, give employees a feeling that their employer is compliant with regulations, and it can help mitigate risk for your company.

For a precaution, it’s also wise to have the employee fill out a form acknowledging the receipt of a employee handbook. This would protect you from an employee making a claim that they had no knowledge of your policies because of never getting an employee handbook form your company.

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