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Standard employee handbook template. The purpose of an Employee Handbook will be to give advice to workers that is meaningful and relevant. As an employer, the aim is to create a positive representation of the company and provide consistency in controlling the company’s policies and procedures. Some subject areas that might commonly be found within an Employee Handbook are Messages from the President/Owner/CEO, Company Mission/Vision/Value Statements, Employee Benefits and Compensation Information, Standards of Conduct for Employees, Orientation information for new employees and Legal duties of employees and employer.

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The Employee Handbook is an essential source for all workers, not just fresh arrivals. Workers facing an unplanned leave of absence have to be aware of their business policy on unpaid personal leave and also the national and state rules for both family and medical leaves of absence. Without careful review, employees may be unaware of invaluable benefits currently available to them or may overlook a significant coverage on private cell phone or computer use that affects their everyday activities.

Good employees are difficult to find and employers must concentrate on retaining top talent and attracting the best workers. If an organization has a remarkable benefits package, a handbook is a great spot to showcase that. If an organization prides itself on training opportunities, why not include references in the handbook? Sharing the company’s background, mission, and values with workers gives them a peek to the organization as a whole and how their job impacts the larger image.

A nicely thought out Employee Handbook also serves as a source of history and conveys the corporation’s mission statement, values and civilization. Many companies utilize their Handbook to communicate not only the expectations that they have of their workers, but also what their workers can expect of these namely ethical business practices with fair treatment for employees.

The continuously shifting laws governing employment, leaves and compensation (both state and national ) create a demand for annual paychecks upgrades. The struggle to ensure workers possess the current version of this Handbook could be mitigated by submitting the latest version of the Handbook about the corporation’s Intranet or internet site. Every time a major policy changes, Handbook addendums should be dispersed and signed off on by all recent employees, ensuring everyone is aware of the changes. A good Employee Handbook follows the life span of the employee from new hire to retiree and ought to be utilized as a point of reference for both management and employees.

An Employee Handbook is an essential communication tool for both worker and company expectations and is not a simple task to take care of single-handedly. Work with a Xenium HR professional to personalize your guide to reflect both your lifestyle and best practice policies in appropriate regulatory guidelines.

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